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Cedar Rapids Limo is known to provide brides with a great experience on their big day. All these expenses add up. You can choose to add all the bells and whistles or go more casual, it is your day to add something special to remember. Knowing that we offer special packages for weddings which are affordable and attracts clients to us.


It could be an affordable rate, but it is also the personal attention that our limo service provides you with. This includes a chauffeur who goes out of their way to make sure that the bridal party is comfortable and are attended to. Seating in the limousine is spacious and comfortable with refreshments that you can bring with so that the nerves won’t cause your mouth to become too dry.


We make sure that the bride is treated like a queen. It is for her exciting day, since everyone knows that this is her day (knowing there is a groom there as well.) but it is still her day. When the vehicle arrives, the chauffeur will stand and get the door. It will be fully decorated, depending on your color choice. There are various options that are available here which will really make you smile. It is an incredible feeling when the limousine makes an entrance and the bride steps out onto the red carpet.


We will make sure that we do the work and provide you with this special attention. Just sit and take a breather. We mean that you can simply relax for a couple of minutes before tying the knot. We are sure to always have the best cars that have been properly serviced and cleaned. You are then able to benefit from our reliable service. We have a high reputation for committing to our client’s wishes. We are the talk when it comes to weddings and we are often discovered through word of mouth.


When you start looking into your special day and booking transportation, the hunt should be in the top 5 important decisions for your wedding. There are so many options and so many companies. We have different options available for all occasions.  Next, you need to know the style and size of your wedding. From experience, most people enjoy having a limousine available just for the bride and groom when traveling to the ceremony together as well as to the reception on their own. Another limousine will be provided for the rest of the bridal party. This allows the couple to simply relax and enjoy their time together before the big event. It is also possible to use the same limo, where the driver will drop the bridal couple off first and then come back for the bride and groom. This will depend on the distance and traffic.
All of our limousines are professionally serviced and maintained, so reliability is something that we are known for. Although we can always squeeze you in, it is important to book ahead of time, especially since this is your wedding day. Every bride wants things to fall into place and to run smoothly. We have different cars available as well, so make sure to be prepared as you come and choose something special. You may have a special theme planned and we can come up with something amazing to suit that. 


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